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Small businesses are the engine of our state's economy, and I will work hard to make sure your interests are protected.  

Whether you're starting a business and need help with operating agreements or other foundational documents, or need to create employee policies, or are looking to purchase property and need an attorney to represent you and draft the contracts, I can help you. 

Let me help you build your business.


One important step in starting a business is protecting your hard work and investment at the beginning. That's where I come in:

Name Search:  Let me check to see if your desired corporate name is available with the State.  If it isn’t, we’ll work together until we find a name that works for you.

Prepare and File Articles:  I will complete all the necessary paperwork to create a new corporation or LLC and submit the documents to the State for processing on your behalf.

Operating / Shareholders Agreement:  Where two or more people wish to carry on a business as a corporation or an LLC, an agreement should be used. The agreement sets out the duties and responsibilities of the shareholders. The shareholders / members may be either all individuals or all companies or a combination of both individuals and companies.

Buy and Sell Agreement:  A buy-sell agreement is a binding contract – between you and your co-owners – that controls when an owner can sell his interest, who can buy an owner’s interest and what price will be paid for that interest. Usually a buy-sell agreement also gives the company and its owners an opportunity to buy out an owner who has stopped working for the company or has died. By so doing it eliminates the possibility that active owners will be forced to share profits with an inactive owner or an unsuitable new owner

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